I have read the General Information located on the Charger Tutorials page of the Charger Academy website and agree to abide by all guidelines therein. 

I understand that I am responsible for my child's education even though they may receive instruction from a Charger Tutorial class.

I will work to ensure my child attends class and does work as assigned.

I do not hold Charger Academy responsible for the quality of instruction.


Attending Charger Academy Tutorials is a privilege. We ask that each parent and student read and agree to the agreement to insure that we all adhere to the rules, understand the discipline policy and exhibit expected behavior by all who attend. This agreement is to help ensure we have the most beneficial and safe environment possible for our children. 

The Student Agreement outlined below is part of the Charger Tutorial Registration form.

General Student Principles:

  1. Respect the authority of our faculty, your parents and this school.

  2. Respect the right of other students to learn in an environment free of distraction, worry and vulgarity.

  3. Respect the property of others, including your classmates and your school. if you break something, admit it and work to fix or replace it.

  4. Conduct yourself and manage your attitude as a mature Christian individual.

Behavior Policy:

1. If the student is not in a class they are ALWAYS to be under the direct supervision of the parent.

2. The student is not to be outside the building at any time, unless they are with a parent or another responsible adult.

3. Students will display a good attitude in class, including willingness to participate and a cheerful attitude.

4. Disrupting class in any way is not tolerated.

5. Students will always show respect for those in authority.

6. At no time is it appropriate or tolerable to use foul language or cruel words to another student or teacher.

7. At no time is it appropriate to hit, kick or otherwise physically hurt another person.

8. No weapons or sharp objects are allowed on premises, inside or outside.

9. Respect for the facilities and property belonging to Bethel Baptist Church or Cornerstone Christian School must be maintained.

10. Students and Parents need to understand that tardiness is not beneficial to either yourself or the rest of the class.

11. Students and Parents must review and sign a copy of this behavior / discipline policy in the registration form.

Parents with students enrolled in Charger Tutorials must be fulfilling the homeschooling requirements as stated by Alabama law.

Discipline Procedure:

1. First Offense: A formal warning will be given by the teacher. The teacher has the option to discuss the matter with the parent.

2. Second Offense: The student will be taken to the administration, the parent will be notified and the student will sit out the remainder of that class.

3. Third Offense: The student will be taken to the administrator who will call parents immediately to pick up the student. The student will sit out of all classes for the rest of the day. The church pastor will be notified. A meeting will be scheduled with the student (s), teacher, and administrator to discuss the situation and a plan of action will be made.

Continued behavior issues or extraordinarily serious issues could result in dismissal from the Charger Tutorials program with no refund.

Once A Charger, Always a Charger

A Ministry of Bethel Baptist Church